Short term gain, long term pain

Recent reports on ASIC’s investigation into ANZ’s alleged rate fixing and the CBA’s treatment of insurance claims (even for it’s own staff) indicate the outcomes that we can expect (and have experienced before) when we focus on money, profit, alone. (see; motivation or mobilisation?)

With the spotlight on money, the core purpose of the organisation becomes the Invisible Gorilla; we become intentionally blind to it.

Add to this the practice of motivation by monetary rewards (mobilisation) – then we may be creating the “perfect storm”. Under these conditions, the comittment to the espoused value proposition (in these cases “quality customer service”), is forgotten. “Looking good” to my boss by earning profit becomes all that matters (see; Sharp Pencils).

The result, massive brand damage, public shaming, CEO apologies.

Resist the urgency addiction, consider consequences, spotlight multiple options and align behaviour to core purpose (use Constructive Thinking) – it not only feels better, it gets better, more sustainable, results.

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