Our Approach

Think Gray! – Our Core Ideology


Our coaching and counselling processes are designed to empower the individual to help themselves.

At Think Gray we help people to tap into their potential, enabling them to flourish.

We achieve this by identifying and focusing clients on the strengths and resources they already have and the assets they can readily exploit in pursuit of their goals. Once we’ve recognised these abilities together, our clients are in the best possible position to engage in intensive, self-aware and constructive thought and dialogue about how to be even better.


The mission at Think Gray is simple. By improving resilience, confidence and consistency we want our clients to be their best selves at work and in life.

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To achieve our mission and fulfil our purpose, Think Gray operates around three key organising principles:


Coaching or counselling is not a matter of unnatural forcing. We do not set out to manage nor teach. Our clients willingly seek out our assistance. Rather than lecturers or supervisors, together, we are partners, equally invested in your success. Sustainable change demands as much.


In addition to voluntary participation, successful coaching or counselling must be co-active. There has to be a conformity of interests, values and goals between coacher and coachee. We are always conscious of imposing objectives on a coaching relationship and remain dedicated to facing the challenges and triumphs of coached change alongside our clients.

Being clear about our intent in this respect is key to confronting the fundamentally difficult choices that characterise the coaching or counselling experience.


While Think Gray is a motivated and steadfast partner from the very first interaction, the ultimate goal is to achieve self-sustaining and autonomous change. Empowering our clients means that they become independent champions of their own personal transformations.


For any relationship to succeed, trust between participants is essential. Without trust, second guessing sets in, communication channels become clogged and engagement is negatively impacted.

At Think Gray, we aim to avoid what has been called a ‘trust tax’: the energy expended unnecessarily on trying to break the impasse that a lack of trust creates. By zeroing in on client values, needs and goals, we strive to build a platform of trust and ensure that coach and client respect, understand and, crucially, can rely on each other.


Our coaching process is clearly outlined in the 7 Steps of Coaching. Click here for more details.

Our counselling approach is designed to create your unique plan to create the conditions for you to flourish.