Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy at Think Gray is personally tailored and founded on a trusting client-therapist relationship.

I’m Sophie, the principle psychotherapist. I’m a mum of two who has worked through mental health challenges in my own life.

When you see me, you’ll be met with understanding, empathy, warmth, and a very British sense of humour. I works to create a safe place for you to explore your concerns and create a life in which you flourish.

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How is psychotherapy useful to you?

Many people assume that therapy is only for people who are really struggling with mental illness, but this is not the case. Psychotherapy is extremely helpful in the management of negative symptoms associated with mental illness, and individuals with depression, anxiety, or other psychological concerns will surely benefit.

Psychotherapy is also useful for helping ‘average’ people increase positivity in their lives. I often hear, “but I’m ok” and I wonder whether “ok” is enough, or whether there is something more positive than just “ok”?

Even if you are the happiest person on the planet, life happens, so stress happens. Often we think to ourselves that we should do something about it, but then the period of struggle ends and we think “but I’m ok now”. Unfortunately, this pattern can repeat endlessly and you become trapped in a constant cycle;  you end up at the mercy of life.

Psychotherapy can help you unearth patterns in your way of thinking about (and relating to) yourself, others, and the world that you aren’t aware are influencing your emotional states. I will help you become mindful of how your moods and relationships are impacted by what you have learned across your lifespan. I will teach you how to become aware of (and accept!) your mental life, so that you gain more control over your emotions, minimise the intensity and longevity of stress, and foster greater wellbeing and happiness.

I have created a safe place where I work with you to change your life for the better, in a way that stands the test of time.

Resilience Workshop & eBook

In 2018 I published “Dealing with your Sh*t: The Art of Thinking Gray“, an eBook based on the Resilience workshops I run. It is currently available on Amazon (click here for Australian site) or by searching for this reference: B07MDPDNCD

It is guaranteed to help you understand, manage, and even control, your emotional responses to a range of personal and professional situations.

The workshop will educate you about your emotions – what triggers them, what their purpose is, and why they ‘run wild’. My approach is based on mindful acceptance that perfection is unattainable and its pursuit unsustainable. You will learn to negotiate with yourself, accept yourself, and choose how you react.

I explore theory in the context of real-life examples so that it is easy to put into practice (i.e. it’s actually useful to you!).

If you apply the information in the book, you will improve your quality of life, relationships (personal and professional), communication abilities, and self-belief.

Most importantly, you will become resilient to whatever life throws at you.

 Anyone and everyone will benefit from reading this book – male, female, couples, parents, teenagers, executives, etc.

Dealing with your Sh*t: Testimonials

“I am no stranger to therapy and I’ll admit that going into Sophie’s workshop I wondered whether I would get anything new out of it. Instead I learnt so much! Sophie really helped me look at things in a different way and to be mindful of trying to manage negative mental habits. A real take-away for me was the module on attribution and responsibility around feelings. Sophie also created a safe space in which to talk about personal experiences. I have thought about the workshop a lot since and tried to incorporate what we discussed into my actions. I could not recommend it more highly.” – KDR

“Before going to Sophie’s workshop I thought “yeah, although I’ve got shit to deal with, I know what it is and what to do with it”.  I was totally blown away by her ability to adeptly describe awkward topics and paint a cohesive picture of what’s going on. Her receptive nature not only makes it a comfortable place to open up, but also allows the content (which can be confronting-you’re talking about feelings) to be digestible and relevant to you. The most valuable experience was learning WHY and WHAT I feel and developing tools to deal with my shit in the real world. This workshop is the most personally helpful and insightful experience I’ve had. Get involved – it’s a game changer.” – AG

“This course was amazing. We were not quite sure what to expect and were also worried about the six hour time slot , thinking it was too long. At the end we would have been happy to keep going.
Such a helpful and insightful course. Sophie was so engaging and although we were planning to just sit a listen, we were all very happy to share and discuss our own experiences.
My friends were a little sceptical but totally loved it. Totally recommend this course. I gained so much from it and her notes are great, so we can go over what we learnt!” – TD

The Therapeutic Relationship

Everyone has the capacity to flourish when given a supportive and empathic environment within which to explore and resolve issues. I believe that trust, empathy, and open communication are essential to your outcomes.

If you’d like to ‘get to know’ Sophie before booking a session, you can read her blog which is focused on common mental health issues and thought patterns that can sometimes get us into trouble! You can also book an informal introductory phone call at the bottom of this page.


Individual sessions are $90 / hour
Payment can be made by cash or card (EFT & credit accepted)

Resilience Workshop is $145 per person

Many people ask if I provide Medicare rebates and, unfortunately, I cannot.

To compensate for this, my hourly fee equates to the average out-of-pocket cost of seeing a practitioner with a rebate and after 10 sessions the expense remains the same.

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