Because success isn’t

always black & white

What We Do

Founded in 2002 by master coach and facilitator Terry Gray, Think Gray boosts clients’ efficacy, resiliency and work performance. Improving confidence leads to greater productivity at work and ultimately, to enhanced job and life satisfaction.

How? By tapping into your ‘flow’ – better understanding the conditions best suited to achieving individual success – we can help you hone your form, approach to, and outcomes at work and beyond.

We’ve also added a counselling and psychotherapy service, run by Sophie Gray  to expand our reach to help people flourish in their personal and mental lives too.

To take advantage of our unique approach and style, please contact us to discuss your needs.


  • “I have worked with Terry for personal coaching over a nine month period and would absolutely recommend his services.”

    ROBERT FOO Fairfield City Council
  • “Terry is an extremely knowledgeable and motivating business coach. Terry will challenge your thinking and ensure you have a purpose and outcome from his sessions. I would highly recommend Terry to any professional seeking a coach, for either an individual or team requirement.”

  • “I spent time with Terry a few years ago and it has left a lasting impression on me. He is very experienced and knowledgable and has great insights into how we think and operate at work. I think about the things Terry shared with me very frequently and put them to good use. I highly recommend talking to Terry if you're looking to get more out of your career.”

    TOM WOODBURY Thomas Woodbury Pty Ltd
  • "Terry has worked with one on one coaching and demonstrated a vast knowledge of various work environments. He also ran planning days with our management team which were well received and delivered results - focusing on fewer deliverable outcomes which have been achieved."

  • " Terry was a career coach for me for a period of approx 18 months. Because of his background, his ability to understand and empathise with exactly what I was going through was spot on, and hence the coaching and development advice received really helped.  I was also a participant in numerous sessions, (everything from helping form divisional missions and goal statements, to LSI coaching) that Terry facilitated, were all run with his usual 'flair' and professionalism."

    MARK VAN SCHYNDEL Westpac Group
  • "I have been attending sessions at Think Gray Psychotherapy for more than a year now and it has made such a positive change to my life. Soph’s approach is honest, compassionate, and I feel like she always has my back. As someone who has struggled with isolation and abandonment issues, knowing that I have a safe space to turn to makes all the difference. I would thoroughly recommend Think Gray Psychotherapy"

  • "I met Sophie 12 months ago for the first time when I was looking for someone to help me with stress management both at work and at home specially with young children. I spoke to a few therapists over the phone initially to set a dialogue and go from there. When I spoke with Sophie – just two minutes into the conversation, I felt like I had an instant connect with her. I’ve been seeing her regularly for 12 months now and her guidance has made a significant improvement in my life both at work and at home. Sophie is very warm, super easy going but yet very professional. Her ability as a listener (which I think every therapist should be good at) blows my mind as she retains everything that I’ve said in our sessions and reiterates the points with applicable strategies via follow up emails. I would recommend her to anyone who needs any kind of advise and therapy. Thank you Sophie for making a difference in my life – you truly do."

  • [Re: TG Group] "Because I am no stranger to therapy I wondered how much of this would be new to be, but it was super new as even the stuff that wasn't was positioned in a new way. Also doing it in a group was really terrific - I feel privileged to have shared this time and experiences with these women (including you Soph)"

  • [Re TG Group] "Thank you so much Soph. This has been an awesome experience and I feel like I have grown a lot and have become a lot more resilient!"

  • [Re TG Group] "It became easier to understand my emotions [during the group] and it became easier to get them under control"