Meaning & Motivation

Apparently Leaders & Organisations should provide motivation & meaning. No – You create meaning and motivation for yourself, it’s personal.

So much is written about how leaders motivate, how organisations should provide motivation and meaning. None of it makes total sense.

Meaning is something you create for yourself -Viktor Frankl explained that, an Australian palliative nurse provided evidence about the regrets we have when we fail to do so.

Motivation is a choice, it isn’t given to us.
There is plenty of evidence, from stories of hospital porters who take responsibility to help visiting parents deal with their emotions by accepting outbursts and cleaning a room a second time, without rationalising, to reassure a complaining father that his son is cared for, to builders who decide for themselves that they are not just’ “laying bricks” but “building a cathedral”.

What meaning are you creating for yourself?

How can you create your own motivation for the value you add?